Development that will change the face of E-commerce

We’re dwelling in 2017 and we can already feel the paradigm shift in e-commerce trends. E-commerce still grows continuously, even as the moment we talk. The tremendous scope of the platform has attracted renowned industry names – irrespective of their sizes, who...


10 signs you are a cute little shopaholic

Today we dwell in a time where websites or their features in short, have become smart. Especially, e-commerce portals today have this tendency of attracting you towards their shopping carts. Such is the magic of e-commerce that it can make you drift from social media...


Fabulous Keratin Treatment and Benefits

Well, this one is strictly for the ladies, however, something tells me that some of the ‘Vikings’ in our community will be interested in this blog. KERATIN treatment is simple terms is a ‘hair straightening’ procedure that allows you to manage frizzy and...


Fabulous New Year Wish List 2017

Now that Christmas is over, we need to think of a new wish list – The New Year Wish List 2017. This is the time when resolutions are made and some mature people realize they are too lazy for maintaining resolutions. However, this doesn’t stop...


Some Traits of Well-Groomed Alpha Male

There was a time when a man who took too much time in the bathroom was met with weird stares and unnatural glances, reactions usually reserved for political figures. Men were looked upon some modified versions of caved men who were just born to kill...


Planning Your Weekend in Dubai

Dubai is a wonder hub wherein more than 70 % of the population are expats. These expats come here to seek a fruitful career and a better standard of living, both of which they might not have found in their own native countries. Lifestyle here is very...


Celebrate 8th of March International Womens Day

International Women’s Day (IWD) is a holiday celebrated worldwide every year on March 8th, which celebrates the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women. The day also marks a call to action for accelerating gender parity – the state of being equal,...

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